Our goal is to identify a superior business opportunity with strong fundamentals and to gain competitive advantage in the market by combining conservative financial approach with strong management expertise. We believe in long term partnerships, competitive management team and discipline financial exercise.


Our mission is to grow our investors and partners capital through profitable investment opportunities globally, and to maximize our investors Return on Investment through transparent & diligent risk management.


Our core values are Integrity, Credibility and Risk averse

We value management integrity and credibility as the foundation of a long term partnership between management team and stakeholders or investors

We have been implementing conservative financial approach over the years and we will continue to maintain our risk averse towards an investment opportunity

Asian Financial Crisis 1998 gave Indonesia a devastating experience as the country experienced one of the most severe economic and financial crisis event with the combination of both Political and Economics Crisis. Having experienced such trouble times we truly understand the value of conservative strategy and risk averse investment philosophy while at the same time realizing that out of ordinary opportunities occur in time of crisis.