Our company was established in year 2001 with over 15 years experience in managing investments in many international markets

We look for investment opportunities across the Asian market particularly in Indonesia and we target projects with strong fundamentals and growth potentials, focusing on long term stability of the business venture.

Over the years our management has experienced managing a diversified investments portfolio in retail properties, aviation and maritime industry sectors, we manage our investment through strategic partnership and alliance with global expertise.

We combine both our own and the best in third-party expertise across asset classes and different sectors, we give clients access to investment opportunities across the broadest range of sources. We also allow clients to harness investment potential using the vehicle that best suits their needs.

Our company has a long term strategic partners with expertise in various Industries. The company also has strategic partnerships and joint venture with the world’s leading companies both domestic and foreign.

Our investment management include various sectors such as integrated media, commercial & residential properties, aviation infrastructure and maritime risk management.